My Philosophy

Knowing what it feels like to be chronically ill, I always want my patients to improve rapidly and return to their former lives as a healthier person.

I listen mindfully to my patients and make sure to explore the treatments that they have already tried. I attend as many conferences as I can, with the idea of gaining new knowledge to help those who have not seen results on their journey towards healing.

I have learned a few things along the way:

  • Each one of us is unique and requires our own unique set of solutions.

  • Healing is not something that a health practitioner does for you. You are ultimately responsible for your healing. Self-empowerment is key. Health practitioners like myself are only here to guide and introduce therapies and modalities that will support your system to heal. 

  • An integrative, multi-disciplinary approach is often best for chronic conditions. It is important to identify and treat the most important stressors on your immune and nervous systems. Most individuals will also need the services of naturopathic and medical physicians.

  • Different approaches may work at different times during your healing process.

  • Our physical symptoms are linked to our emotions. An accumulation of stresses, whether physical, mental, emotional, can overwhelm our nervous system and impede healing. Healing requires some introspection and tools to forgive, accept and move forward with healthier habits.

  • You must resonate with your health practitioners, as the belief that they or their treatment will help you have an effect on your healing.

  • The body has an inherent capacity to heal if given the right tools.  Even though the return to wellness can be a long road which is frustrating at times, don’t give up. Healing is possible.  

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